Rugs and Carpets

Hoovering is an essential first step in our Rug and Carpet cleaning process. Our powerful specialized hoover is highly effective and is designed especially to remove all dirt, grime, dust, pet hair, and mites from your carpets and rugs.


If your rug or carpet is large and heavy or covers a large surface area then our rotary machine is used to get the best clean possible. A rotary soft brush is used with a nonbiological and eco-friendly detergent which is safe for pets and children and effectively scrubs and removes soil from the fibers using rotary action.

We use our Industrial hot water injection/extraction machine as the last and final stage of our cleaning. The machine injects hot water detergent deep into the fibers and is then immediately sucked up using a powerful hoover extraction method. This final stage of cleaning guarantees the removal of any possible remaining dirt residue that may have been left behind.

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